This assignment is a take-home essay assignment of 2 questions, 3 pages each, to test knowledge and assimilation of the course objectives. Use your required texts as well as outside sources to answer the questions. Be sure to define your terms and answer the question succinctly in a well-worded thesis statement before you expand upon your answer.
1. Is globalization simply another name for processes such as imperialism, colonialism, development, Westernization, and easternization? Examine the similarities and differences among these processes.
2. What are the advantages of, and challenges to, the nation-state, in the context of “imagined communities?”
Please present your work as a Word document, remembering to double-space and put your name and a title on the paper. You should also put your name on the file, then upload it here in Assignments no later
Important: Number the questions on your paper and write a topic/thesis sentence that indicates the question you are answering. You do not need to rewrite the question as long as the numbers correspond. Papers presented with no indication of the questions’ being answered will be returned.

General Instructions for Assignments and Rubrics
All assignments should be written in Word and uploaded as attachments within the Assignments section of the classroom. Use 12 pt. font and double-space. Be sure to put your name and class information on the document and put your name on the file. Insert page numbers. In-text citations to the readings should be included (the textbook and the journal articles as applicable). A reference list should be included at the end of your document. Assignments will be graded using a rubric appropriate for your class level.

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