HCD 730 Final Presentation

Submit your final in this section of Canvas. 

  Here are the key general highlights and standards you will be held to: 

  1. This is a graduate level course and the bar is set very high for demonstrating excellent research capability and analysis.
  2. Quality and clarity in presenting a clear, compelling case for your topic is essential.
  3. You need to use sources other than just Hall and Cappelli. Presenters should also have at least 6 scholarly sources related to the topic.  Choose them well and quote them accurately.
  4. Use critical thinking and fact-based evidence. While your personal opinions are very welcome, I expect to see the evidence that supports your view or opinion – not assumptions you hold or isolated cases you have experienced. Strategy is formulated mostly from careful examination of relevant factsand well-constructed research that leads to a conclusion and defined action.
  5. Be clear on the requirements of the assignment.  Ask questions, when necessary.
  6. Read your presentation very carefully beforeyou submit it for the final time.  Grammar, syntax and subject/verb agreements are all expected to be accurate.
  7. Reach out to the instructor when in difficulty!  (Well in advance of the assignment due date)

All unexcused late assignments will receive point deductions. 

FINAL PRESENTATION GRADING RUBRIC: (Also listed on the course syllabus)

HCD 730 Final Presentation Grading Rubric.docx

Your final project should be an online PowerPoint presentation:

  1. Detailing a strategic approach for accomplishing a human capital management issue (Next Generation) of concern and importance to you.(Refer to any topic discussed in the Textbooks)   Your presentation can be a brief summary of one of the chapters or articles that we have read this semester, discuss the importance of the concepts, why they are important, do you agree or disagree with the author and why (with support evidence to support your claim), what could be done differently to improve any issues discussed?
  2. The presentation must be no longer than7 minutesin length with good choices of graphics and content.  

You must also upload your Final Presentation in this section of Canvas by 11:59 p.m. March 5th for grading purposes.

Must add your voice recording to your Final Presentation that can be presented. 

Recording Audio/Voice to a PowerPoint Slide:

-Step 1: Open PowerPoint
-Step 2: In a PowerPoint slide, Click on the option, “Slide Show” (top of your menu bar)

-Step 3: Click on “Record Slide Show”

-Step 4: Click on “Start Recording from the Beginning”

-Step 5: Click on “Start Recording”

-Step 6: Say what you would like to record for the slide. 

-Step 7: After you click on “Start Recording,” you will see a Recording mini-screen appear in the upper, top-left side of your screen. 
-Step 8: When you have finished saying what you want to record on the slide, Click on the “X” located on the Recording mini-screen (top-left side of your screen).

-Step 9: Repeat the steps above as you progress through your slides, so that each slide has your recorded voice.   Repeat the steps if you want to re-record as well.

Listen to your recording by clicking on “Slide Show” and then click on “From the Beginning,” so that you can hear how the PowerPoint slide show will sound to the audience.  Remember to Save your PowerPoint and submit it by the deadline date…

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