Help With Hitler Personality And The Holocaust 1

, you are to write a six page(double-spaced) case study paper, to be submittedin class on Wednesday, March 23rd . Papers should conform to APA, MLA, orChicago style, including citation of all sources used (biographical andpersonality theory). Include relevant biographical and background informationto put the case study in context.


Option 1: Hitler’s Personality and theHolocaust

Most of us believe Hitler was an evilperson. But did you know there were aspects of his personality that contributedto his ability to carry out the Holocaust?

Write a paper describing Hitler’spersonality (including the “personality” of his political campaigns andpropaganda). What aspects of his thoughts, feelings, and behaviors contributedto his political ideology and ability to convince others to join him on hismisguided “mission?” You must include at least ONE theoretical perspective inthis discussion (for example, “from a behaviorist perspective, these emotionalqualities were reinforced by…”)

To gather information, you are tovisit the U.S. Holocaust Museum (, free admission). This portion of theproject can be completed as a group, but each person must write his/her ownpaper. You are also to read at least one additional piece of informationabout him, whether it is a biography, article, etc. and include it in yourAPA-style reference list.

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