Hilario’s Service Center Inc.

The purpose of this summary is to inform other businesses of who we are and what types of services we offer. Our main focus is towing and vehicle repair mainly on heavy tucks and trailers. Although we do repairs on vehicles as well. All this needs to be included. We also hope to use it as a proposal to open up a third location. The third paragraph talks about the market. You will need to some research on current growth rate and annual revenue. I need to have the most recent updates on and facts included. The last paragraph is what our future plans are. Please keep the current percentages already included in the summary. Please rewrite the summary and make it sound as professional and accurate as possible.

Hilario’s Service Center Inc. (Hilario’s) founded in 1976 is a well established and respected company that offers services for towing and motor vehicle repair. The company provides specialized services for commercial truck, and trailers recovery and towing on a twenty-four-hour basis. The owner of the organization, Paul Hilario is a notable figure in the industry with over 30 years experience. The company is built on his reputation, and it has expanded the customer base by upholding Hilario’s desire of providing quality services.

The organization maintains an extremely functional staff and state of the art equipment to achieve competitive advantage over other companies in the towing and repair business. Additionally, the services offered are certified and timely. The company values the client’s time and service satisfaction. The services include light and heavy-duty towing, equipment hauling, transport services, and roadside and fleet repair mainly for commercial vehicles. The primary target market is the trucking and construction industries.

Market analysis indicates that growth in the towing and repair industries has grown steadily  between the year 2010 to 2015 recording a 1.1% annual growth rate. The revenue over the five years was $6.1 billion, and this is expected to increase in the coming years (IBISWorld). The economy rebounds would lead to a rise in disposable incomes, and more people will own vehicles. The result is the roads getting overcrowded with cars increasing the possibility of the occurrence of accidents, and this creates the market for the towing industry. Furthermore, the rise in car miles will contribute to vehicle issues creating the demand for roadside assistance and towing services (IBISWorld).

The company maintains and improves its competitive advantage by being customer centric and providing the best services.  The geographic positioning of the company’s operations gives it an advantage over the competitors in the same field. Hilario’s marketing strategy focuses on creating awareness for the use of superior equipment and quality services that include towing and repair on one location. The technique makes the business a one stop station for all customer needs including tyre services and sales, and this sets it apart from rivals in the industry.            

The organization’s profitability will be sustained by continuous services for existing fleet customers and increased market share. The company aims to enhance sustainability by upgrading computer software and remodeling the entity to improve efficiency and services for the clients. Additionally, the company will focus on building new customers and business partnership with Takeuchi. Takeuchi will introduce an alternative methodology for repairs and incorporate sale of the company’s product line to Hilario’s services. Further, the expansion is projected to be done in a third location to increase the organization’s coverage. Also, the auto body repair will be introduced as a new product increasing the sources of revenue. The growth of the company is guaranteed by the strong capital position and the existence of a low debt ratio…..

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