How Cell Phones Operate

My assignment is about finding 3 sources (book) about how does cell phones operate? 

The technical process of it. And included the 4G technology.

So, pick one source (book) and write down a Textual Analysis consisting of 700 words.

The analysis is about the content in the book (the process of the operation of cellphones)

pick up notes from the book and turn them into textual analysis. 

The book should be from a university library ONLY plus no copy pasting (no plagiarism).

best regards. 

Beyond 3G: bringing networks, terminals, and the Web together: LTE, WIiMAX, IMS, 4G devices, and the web 2.0., is a book by Martin Sauter (2009), which provides an overview of technological developments in mobile communication. The book describes the latest ventures in mobile device development, including voice and multimedia services, and mobile internet. The information presented by Sauter (2009) is relevant in studying how cell phones operate, because it addresses how the systems, devices, and applications are designed, as well as the reasons behind the designs. The author also addresses how the elements interact and influence each other and expounds on how network capabilities, the level of bandwidth, enhanced device capabilities, and new applications will influence sending and receiving messages in the future.

            Martin Sauter is an engineer working with Nortel in research and development department. The author holds the position for Wireless Solutions Architect in the company. Sauter is claimed to have expansive knowledge about GPRS and UMTS networks. Additionally, since 2006, Sauter has published three books on communication and technology (Nortel, 2016). The book chosen to carry out the project is meant for professional and non-professional leaders, making it easy to understand. It provides detailed information, analyzing each component in simple words and illustrations.

            The book is divided into six parts that discuss different, but correlating topics about communication. The sections include 1) Evolution from 2G over 3G to 4G, 2) Beyond 3G Network Architectures, 3) Network Capacity and Usage Scenarios, 4) Voice over Wireless, 5) Evolution of Mobile Devices and Operating Systems, and 4) Mobile Web 2.0, Applications and Owners. My project will draw insight from all sections of the book because each part presents ideologies that are significant in understanding the technical operating mechanism of a cell phone…

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