how detriot is and how you would plan a trip.

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Part 1:

You have to watch these videos for part 1.

Detroit, the home of the American automotive industry and of Motown Records, has fallen on some very hard times. The growing numbers of abandoned lots are beginning to host some urban farms. Do you think that nontraditional careers in the arts and agriculture can make a city like Detroit viable, even if it never comes back as a major manufacturing center? Does the health of a city depend primarily on its ability to generate wealth and jobs, or does it also depend on its ability to inspire young people to stay for possibly nonmonetary reasons involving personal fulfillment?

Part 2:

  1. If you were to just get up and hit the road, where would you go? Describe in detail a road trip that you would take from here to New York City, while stopping at five or more specific locations along the way. Describe each of these destinations. Use the Internet to research your trip. You don’t have to connect it to a specific theme as you did for Europe, but you may. Do not travel by air. Trains, cars, buses etc. are fine.

Assume that you have plenty of time. You might for example decide to take mostly the northern, central, or southern route, if you travel primarily along interstate highways. Use Google Maps for routing advice. Name and describe at least five specific destinations along the way in order of arrival, and why you’d want to stop there.

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