How does culture influence the conflicting management styles within organizations?


The primary focus of the literature review below is on culture and conflict management. It will also shed some light on project management, which will concentrate especially on the multicultural projects. Not only does culture have an impact on organizations, but on a whole, it influences the conflicting management styles within organizations vastly. Multicultural teams can have an enormous effect on an organization, especially if there is mismanagement. However, they offer several advantages to international firms such as, 24-hour work rotations, profound understanding of diverse product markets and customer service that pride itself on cultural sensitivity. There are several definitions of culture since it is a highly complex concept. In ancient Latin, the word culture refers to the inhabitation and cultivation. However, another expression can refer to the traits of one individual or group that distinguish them from another, where the attributes encompass how the individual thinks, feels and acts (Hofstede 2005, P.4).

Throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s, the term culture related quite a lot to the business world to distinguish the behavior and attitudes of corporations. However, as time has gone by, the meaning has evolved and understanding of different cultures has become vital. The reason behind this is that the companies and organizations are basing their operations on an international scale (The American Heritage Dictionary of English Language 2010).  As a result, this review will consider different and diverse facets of multiculturalism in the context of project management by managers, the Nexus if any, between national cultures and conflicting management styles. It will mostly cover how these impact and influence organizational management through studies of relevant and critical literature.

Research Question

How does culture influence the conflicting management styles within organizations? Culture has a huge impact on organizations, and the gravity of the issue depends on two primary determinants. First, different managers incorporate different management styles in the group. Second, different people deal with individuals belonging to another culture differently. An organization with multicultural employee characteristics tends to allow the….

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