How does Stress Affect People and Their Relationships with Families, Friends, and Coworkers in a Workplace?

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Title:how does stress affect people and their relationshps with(families,friends,coworker in a work place?
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Paper details:deliverable 2:
1)find 2 working individuals who have some experience in coping with stress at a workplace.
2) develop a series of questions(10-15) about that issue (stress at work place),interview each of the 2 working individuals and let them answer those questions(ex:how does stress affect their relationships),make sure you mentons those workers and the type of work they do
3)use the information to help determine what types of characteristics of events you should include in your survey in order to best understand the issue youre chosen , and develop practical recommendations for it 
4)develop a survey that assess attidudes , feelings , cognitions and behaviours surroung the issue (employees stress in workplace)
5)submit an outline of the survey that includes the items/questions and citations where you got them (you should have 20 in total)
6)a short description of your population of interest , the sample you intend to survey , and your plan for andminstering the survey

Deliverable 2:

Interviewee 1 (Denoted as 1 in the Rest of the Interview Transcript)

            The first interviewee is a clinic nurse working at a local community hospital. She has registered an exemplary performance record for the past three years, having an extended working experience that involves internship and other government sponsored programs. She has equally been able to manage stress and keep an excellent work record. Her working environment is characterized by a multiplicity of causes and energies that amount to excessive pressure.

Interviewee 2 (Denoted as 2 in the Rest of the Interview Transcript)

            The second interviewee is a resource manager at a firm with a considerable workforce of over 100 employees. He has been ranked on multiple occasions as the most excellent employee amidst the challenges faced from his position. He is the most suitable candidate as far the assessment of stress management is concerned. His ability to ensure performance and efficiency and still handle all the challenges in the workplace qualifies his position as a successful manager. He receives many reviews and comments from employees who characterize him as passionate, determined, focused, smart, and patient.


Question 1Have you ever experienced stress at workplace? How was the experience? And what did you possibly learn from it?
1I have on multiple occasions experienced stress at work. There are different days and situations where I had to dispute with other employees with intent to improve my overall performance. There were rules and conditions that were entirely subjective and failed to accommodate my personal values and preferences. From the experience, I learned to always keep an open mind and appreciate conflict as a natural aspect in any given workplace.
2 As a resource manager, my job revolves around employees and resources which have different characteristics and preferences. I often get involved in conflicts that lead to stress. On one occasion, I had an intense exchange with an employee who had recorded bad behavior in the workplace. The experience taught me to always observe stress as an unavoidable condition, and its management can generate a significant positive value.
Question 2Do you often encounter conflicts and chaos in the workplace and what is your take on the causative agents of such happenings?
1The rate at which I experience conflicts at the workplace is low served by the order maintained in the field of healthcare. Nurses develop and follow a specific plan that is stable to guard the objectivity of the whole entity. However, it is always possible to encounter minor conflicts.
2I often encounter conflicts and chaos given the nature of my office. I am always involved in arguments and issues revolving around personal issues and corporate related topics.
Question 3What has been the most embarrassing moment in your life? How did you react to it?
 I was in a college and was asked to deliver a research on a certain social problem. My presentation was short and off-topic that welcomed a lot of insults and jokes from my classmates. I had minimal control over it and had to play along lest I get more embarrassed.
 I once confused my resource material in the boardroom for a very sensitive presentation. It followed hours of struggling to remember specific details and guard my professionalism as advertised.
Question 4Describe the most horrifying stress-related experience in your professional and personal life?

There was a time when I was forced to work with an intern who completely disobeyed all the rules at work. Disunity among employees can be described as the main cause of the stress. He was always late for work and on multiple occasions failed to deliver on simple tasks. Efforts to talk to him always led to lengthy arguments without positive resolutions…

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