How the Australian model of federal government affects Agriculture

Institutions of Government and Law Assignment 2016

Your task is to write a case study which critically evaluates how the Australian model of federal government impacts on ONE major sector of the Economy: health, education or agriculture. 

In addressing these questions your paper should:

  • provide background information on the sector, including any particular challenges to its future growth;
  • explain how responsibility for key decisions (including regulatory decisions)  impacting the sector are divided between state and federal governments under the current federal government model ;
  • examine how growth and development of the sector is advantaged/disadvantaged under the current model ; and
  •  consider areas where reform of the federal structure could be desirable for this sector.

Assessment Requirements and Criteria

Your assignment should be no more than 2500 words and is worth 30% of the marks for this subject. Your assignment must be submitted in the Moodle drop box by the due date and marks will be posted electronically

Formal requirements:

  • Correct syntax, grammar and spelling
  • Word Document (not PDF), Times New Roman 12 pt, single spaced
  • Citation (not counted in word count) in conformance with AGLC 3 style guide requirements ( see example on Moodle)
  • No bibliography required
  • Word Count ; no more than 2500 words

Substantive requirements:

  • Question answered
  • Correct referencing
  • Clarity of thought and expression (succinct, plain English)
  • Critical evaluation rather than mere description
  • Arguments supported by evidence and examples (cited where appropriate)
  • Originality of argument
  • Demonstrated familiarity with existing literature
  • Coherent structure that contributes to argument, e.g.:
    •  Introduction including basic background information, argument briefly stated, and structure of essay
    • Conclusion summarising body of essay
    • Clear transitions between sections
    •  Headings encouraged (counted in word count)
    •  Quotations integrated into text and not excessively long

Agriculture plays a key role in the well-being of the people, as well as the economy of Australia. [1] The country is internationally recognized for its capabilities in the agricultural sector, which has been one of its fundamental sources of identity and prosperity. Despite this, the industry has also been subjected to situations that undermine the ability of the farmers to enhance and sustain the productivity and care for the farming areas. Studying the impact the laws and concepts used in Australia have affected the agricultural sector will provide information about the future of the industry, its advantages, and areas that need to undergo reforms to ensure sustainability.

Background Information

            The agricultural sector in Australia has developed for over 200 years. The focus of the development is to establish a sustainable use of land resources. The ventures made to mitigate the issues that sprouted from land and water degradation are some of the key drivers of change. For instance, in the 1930s, the dust storms that were experienced in Australian cities led to the establishment of state soil conservation agencies. In the 1980s and 1990s, the increase in salinity in the dry parts of the country instigated the formation of land care. [2] Suggestively, the emerging challenges and opportunities in land and water use are the factors that influence how innovations in the regulatory framework are established. In this context, it is important to note that a critical view of the prevailing social, economic, and environmental aspects that affect the agricultural sector might not recognize the factors that led individuals in the past to establish certain models that enabled them to tackle particular challenges.             Australian farmers are characterized by their conservatism that makes them resist changes. Fundamentally, they have skills and knowledge that allow them to produce high-quality products. The farmers have also shown concern over the environment and believe in leaving the land better than they found it by protecting the resources for future generations for the long-term use of families and the community. [3] Venturing in farming business is perceived as an initiative to support the family and the community…

[1] Western Australian Government., “Productivity Commission Inquiry into Regulation of Agriculture” (Western Australian Government., 2016).

[2] Australian Landcare Council Secretariat., “Evolution of Landcare in Australia” (Australian Landcare Council Secretariat, 2013) <>.

[3] Stewart Lockie, “Australia’s Agricultural Future: The Social and Political Context” <>.

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