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Non-employee members of boards may be willing to donate their time for the purpose of expanding their self-actualization and power within the community. According to Tillich, “Power is the possibility of self-affirmation in spite of internal and external negation. It is the possibility of overcoming non-being. Human power is the possibility of man to overcome non-being infinitely” (Tillich, p. 41). Tillich describes how power is only actualized with other bearers of power (p. 41). In this regard, those who seek board membership may be attempting self-actualization and affirmation by being part of a group. Tillich furthermore describes that members of the group can deduce who represents the most or least power (p. 41). People may seek board membership in order to take a chance and actualize how much power they truly hold.

In addition, Tillich describes power at the foundation of love (p. 49). Members may choose to donate their time for “charitable” reasons (Hall #4). While donating their time, they will be able to affirm their roles of love and power by providing the following guidelines for the organization: “acting with loyalty and due care, protecting hospital property, not engaging in self-dealing and conflicts of interest, establishing and overseeing the hospital’s strategic goals, selecting the chief executive officer, selecting a qualified medical staff, monitoring the quality of medical care, establishing operation budgets” (Showalter, 2012, p. 178). These guidelines show that powerful leaders can be servant leaders. The Bible reminds us in Matthew 20:16 that “the last will be first and the first will be last” (New International Version).

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