Human Resource Management Concepts in the Movie: The Pursuit of Happiness

write 3 to 5 page paper detailing the human resource management concepts and how they were incorporated into the film. this paper should include the concepts and topics from study materials as well your personal reaction to the HR concepts demonstrated in the film. you should not retell the story of the movie; discuss the HR concepts in the movie.  Movies to chose from

1. Philadelphia

2. Disclosure

 3. North country

4. Norma rae

 5. Hoffa

 6. In good company

7. Major league

8. Good will hunting

9. The departed

 10. The hudsucker proxy

 11. The pursuit of happiness

The management of human capital in any business is critical to ensure its success. The understanding of the HRM aspects helps to enhance the management of people. The movie titled “The pursuit of happiness,” presents several important HRM concepts. The story follows the life of the primary character, Chris Gardner, a man struggling with life’s challenges as he pursues a career in stockbroking in Dean Witter. The film highlights the aspects of productivity, communication, motivation, personal growth and self-efficacy, and selective hiring.

Productivity is one of the most important factors in every organization.  The concept rates how well a business is doing and most managers use this to gauge their competitiveness. In the movie, the element is highlighted by the twenty interns that are fighting for one position in the Dean Witter Company. They can only get the job by displaying excellent investment and sales skills and have to meet some set productivity targets. The career prospects serve as a drive for the interns to do their best to achieve the outlined goals. Additionally, by setting some targets that each intern must meet to be selected for the position, the leaders manage to push the interns to improve their productivity. In this case, the incentive of acquiring a well-paying job helps to enhance the intern’s productivity.            

Secondly, communication is widely depicted in the film is a tool of human resource management. The proper exchange of….

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