Human Services Delivery

Using the Capella University Library, find an article that identifies a current problem in the field. Explain how a human service delivery model addresses this problem and provides social care, social control, and rehabilitation services.


The service delivery industry plays a vital role in every facet of human life. In recent years, organizations have made tremendous efforts with an aim of improving the quality of services delivered by their personnel. Correspondingly, these studies have culminated in the emergence of the human service delivery field that examines and addresses all pertinent issues affecting service delivery. One significant problem facing human service delivery revolves around the issue of accessing anti-retroviral drug regimens by HIV and AIDS victims in less developed countries. According to a report published by Schneider, Blaauw, Gilson, Chabikuli, and Goudge (2006), delivering anti-retroviral regimens using the existing healthcare systems represents one of the problems faced by governments in the Southern Africa region. The high number of HIV-infected individuals in these countries coupled with poorly developed healthcare infrastructure has contributed to the high number of HIV mortality in the region

Community-Based HIV Support Models in Southern Africa

Stakeholders in the healthcare sector in the Sub-Saharan region have embraced the use of community-based support models as an anti-AIDS strategy (Ncama, 2005). The use of both local and foreign volunteers has immensely contributed in fighting the HIV pandemic in the region. Community-based support systems for HIV-infected persons have helped address the issue revolving around the shortage of healthcare personnel necessary in effectively mitigating the spread of HIV/AIDS. Healthcare volunteers who participate community-based HIV support systems undertake various roles that directly or indirectly contribute to reducing the effects of AIDS on the community.             Community caregivers play a pivotal role in providing social care services not only to HIV-infected people but also to individuals affected by the disease. These community-based systems have resulted in increased accessibility to antiretroviral drugs for free or at reduced prices (UNAIDS, 2015). Also, community-based HIV support systems…

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