Image in Court

Read the linked article about the influence of appearance in court. Google some images of celebrities in court, and describe what they’re wearing. Using this information along with the information in the book determine whether it looks like they hired one of these "jury consultants". Is this something that should cause us concern in regards to the effectiveness of our criminal justice system? Could we fix this, or is this something that is an indelible part of how we think?

The use of deceptive clothing to create a particular type of impression on either judges or jurors is a commonly occurring phenomenon in the court system. Celebrities and participants in high profile and high stake cases have taken up impression management in court as a necessity. Amy Fisher, one of America’s high profile murder cases was dressed in a dark blue suit with her hair parted in the middle during her court cases. Mike Tyson, a boxer accused of rape wore a white shirt and gray suit to court. Lindsay Lohan was in court in 2016 for misdemeanor theft. Bruno Mars wore a complete suit and tie, with his hair combed upward and cleaned up when in court for possession of cocaine.  The first two cases, Amy Fisher and Mike Tyson, had little evidence of impression management. The clothes worn by Amy Fisher reflected her as cold and capable of murder. Instead, she should have worn something that emphasized her youthful innocence. This technique was perfected by Lindsay Lohan who wore a black and white polka dot dress and styled her hair to flow to her neck. Bruno Mars…

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