Immigration Writing Homework Help

(I need it on 5 pages). I need it APA style also I need one question that you going to answer it in the whole paper also I need abstract  and recommendation that support the question you are going to addressed. Please make sure to follow the steps:

This guide was developed to simplify how students in thecourses I teach can write papers for Midterm and Final Examinations. This Guideis also used in each class for the discussion of current issues. At thebeginning of each class, I usually ask students what are the issues locally,nationally and globally. So in each class you have an opportunity to use thisguide and become good at it.

· STEP 1: Identify the issue and frame the questionsthat addresses the issue.

Even though there may be manyquestions regarding an issue, my advice is that you choose one question thatyou think is the central question. Be clear about this.

· STEP 2: Background Information regarding theissue. There must be references for this (APA)

· STEP 3: Arguments For. In your research, youwill discover that think tanks, media, academics, non-profits, institutions andauthors have made arguments in support of a particular policy and/or laws relatedto an issue you are addressing and the central question you are asking. There mustbe references for this (APA).

· STEP 4: Arguments Against. There is no issuethat folks do not have contending arguments. So, discuss those arguments. Theremust be references for this (APA)

· STEP 5: Contradictions and /or Inconsistencies.“the act of saying something that is opposite or very different in meaning tosomething else: a difference or disagreement between two things which meansthat…” (Merriam-Webster-Online).

Think through, if in the argumentsfor and against, there are contradictions. Discuss them. There is no need forreferences in this section of your work. Here is where you display youranalytical abilities.

· STEP 6: Personal Opinion. Here is where youexpress your personal view based on your worldview and/or values. There is noneed for references in this section of your work.

· STEP 7: Policy Recommendation. Finally, youre-read your paper and advance one or more recommendation(s) that become thebasis for a policy and/or law(s) you wish to be implemented, so that the issueyou discussed can be effectively addressed. There may be an existing law orpolicy that you agree with or a policy or law you wish to see modified or amended.Perhaps, you wish to recommend a new policy and/or law. Remember, whatever youdo must be coherent with the previous discussions in your paper.

· OVERALL STEP: Do Subheads and write shortsentences. It is like a road map. It will assist you to obtain coherence inyour paper. It will keep your train on the rails.

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