Implementation of Automated Taxis in the UAE

Segmentation and Marketing Mix

One of the strategies employed by several business entities across the globe to effectively reach their customers is segmentation. It refers to the process by which the marketers divide the business or consumer markets composed of both existing and potential customers into distinct groups based on various characteristics. The groups created comprise customers with similar characteristics such as geographical locations, necessities, and interests. Segmentation is vital in marketing as it helps the marketers to save time and resources by targeting groups of consumers rather than reaching each consumer individually. Furthermore, it makes it easier for the marketers to reduce the chances of ineffective marketing.

Automated taxis have the potential of offering quick and efficient solutions to public transportation in the UAE.  The cabs offer door-to-door services to the customers and are more flexible and convenient compared to the other transportation mechanisms.  Moreover, they are capable of providing transportation services to individuals who are incapable of using conventional transport due to disability or geographical limitations. To reach the customers effectively, the electronic taxi industry in the UAE can divide its market base into various segments. One of the groups that can be targeted by the industry is the street market. The street market comprises mainly of the people on the streets who are in need of transportation services to their home or places of work and are commonly found in the major cities with high population densities. These groups of people are reached by taxis when they move around estates and streets looking for trips…

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