Importance of Self-Motivation to Achieve Personal Goals

  • Why I think its important to be self=motivated to achieve your personal goals?

Motivation is one of the critical drivers of an individual’s actions. The achievement of personal development demands that one has the skill of self-motivation. No one else is preventing me from reaching my goals: I am in control of both my failures and successes. I believe that as the leader of my life being self-motivated can aid me in managing all aspects of daily life. Self-motivation helps in identifying goals, staying focused, enhances self-reliance, and creates positivity, which is essential for personal goal achievement.

            Self-motivation inspires the development of personal objectives and pushes one towards realizing them. Being motivated to improve one’s circumstances is the precursor to setting goals. After setting targets, some people will achieve them while others will give up or fail. The difference arises due to the presence or absence of self-motivation. A person with this characteristic understands that they are responsible for their success and hence plans and creates strategies to achieve the set objectives. Personal drive ensures one takes proactive steps to avert failure (Malmir and Azizzadeh 69). The self-motivation ensures that one does not lose hope along the way in spite of the difficulties that may come…

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