Information Technology

The past 15 years has seen a huge shift in the way that business is conducted due to the expansion of information systems and specifically the Internet (see ). Because of the huge dependency on technology in business today, some futurists have said that “we are all in IT now.” Do you think this is the case, are the disciplines of IT and Business merging? Support your opinion with facts and your personal experiences

I agree with the futurists who foresee the fusion of the business and information technology (IT) disciplines. The first reason for this argument is that businesses currently not only depend on IT, but rely on this to gain a competitive advantage. According to Burrow and Kleindl (2012, p.18), many firms require technology to communicate with customers, promote and sell their products or services among other functions. In the future, this dependency will keep growing, and the demand for IT in business will rise, necessitating the integration of the two disciplines.

Secondly, the use of IT in almost all operations of business will make it critical for the people to have the knowledge of both fields. The changing needs of organizations and the need for them to reduce costs and retain their competitiveness will lead to the demand for personnel with both business and IT knowledge. For this reason, IT and business will merge to produce individuals with the necessary skills required in the new business world. Carpenter and Agrawal (2008, p.3) discuss the need to include IT in business courses to get graduates that will be immediately productive in the current technology-driven business environment. They explain that IT should be understood as an integral part of business, hence the need to merge them…

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