Inter Bus ( lesson 6)

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Lesson 6

Activity 1: Group Project

As a team, select an emerging market that interests you. You are the leaders of a manufacturing company that is planning to go international. To prevent major issues during this move, you will need to have a solid plan and strategies.Your final plan should include:

  1. Describe your company, give it a name, clearly state what you are manufacturing.
  2. Identify the company’s mission and goals.
  3. Identify Core Competencies and Value creating Activities
  4. Formulate Strategies
  5. Then determine what requirements there are to manufacture this product such as resources and people.
  6. Compile fundamental country data and then do additional research based on the steps you learned in the Task.
  7. Flesh out the nature of the market opportunity offered by this country or its suitability as a manufacturing site.
  8. Next, select a company that is pursuing opportunities in the country. Determine whether the company’s activities are consistent with the market or site potential.
  9. Work through each of the steps as you analyze the market for this type of company.

Make a poster that clearly depicts your plan and strategy including all your research.

Write a one page executive summary making your recommendation to the board of directors for whether to move into the international market and if so, where and why. What are the potential benefits? What are the requirements?

Activity 2: Case Study – Vietnam’s Emerging Market Potential

As a team, read the case study at the end of Chapter 12. Use the questions below to analyze the case.

  1. What do you think western countries could do to help improve the business climate in Vietnam?
  2. What problems might a company encounter while con- ducting market research in Vietnam?
  3. Reflecting on your perception of products labeled, “Made in Vietnam,” does the type of product affect your perception? Explain.

Submit your company plan and strategies.

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