Interpersonal Communication Problem in All-Seasons Comfort Textile Company

Organisation Information

All-Seasons Comfort Company Textile Company is one of the leading Australian companies, whose area of specialization is design, production services and heavy-duty production of linens. All-Seasons Comfort Company offers a wide range of services that include the provision of solutions in design and full-scale production of entrance mats, duvets, entrance mats and dust, and wet mops. Other areas of specialization include the provision of restroom services. The company is comprised of over 200 workers in different departments. The company is departmentalized into production, research and design sectors that work together for the achievement of the organisation objective and mission. The main work of the research department entails conducting analysis of the clothing and fashion trends and market examinations. The department is imperative in the examination of the fashion brand positioning and competitive landscape.  On the other hand, the planning, design, production, and marketing are imperative in the whole procedure. It is evident that all the departments rely on each other for successful production of the products. The common aspect that links all the processes is communication that dictates how the employees in different sections relate to one another and the management.  Over the last five years, there has been a recorded improvement of growth in the volume sales, but 2% stagnant growth reported in the present day wholesale value terms in the Australia.   

The company has not been enjoying their full potential as a result of behavioural issues that are common in any contemporary business set-up. Teamwork and communication in the organisation are some of the important organisational behaviour that any company that is departmentalized like All-Seasons Comfort Company relies on, for developing a successful interlink between employees and the management. All-Seasons Comfort Company for instance, the design department relies on the cooperation with research and production departments. Like any other 21-st century organisation, All-Seasons Comfort Company has existed in the contemporary society, where the economy is powered by knowledge, information, and technology. As business organisations enter the modern century, intercommunication and teamwork are becoming increasingly important as the widespread notion of diversity is adopted globally (Sethi, 2010).  

Problem Description The prevalent organisation behaviour problem in All-Seasons Comfort Company is the lack of effective interpersonal communication between various departments, employees and the executive manager and supervisors.  The measurable consequences of the lack of interpersonal communication in All-Seasons Comfort Company are employees’ conflicts, ineffective teamwork, poor worker retention, high turnover rates, lack of motivation and overall deterioration in productivity. The concept of interpersonal communication in a business context is described as the process through which employees exchange issues, concepts, ideas and information that affect the company.  Interpersonal communication amongst organisation workers and employers is the process of inferring, interpreting, sending and receiving instructions about the execution of duties and functions within an organisation.  All-Seasons Comfort Company had significant intercommunication issues both amongst the employees and management.  All-Seasons Comfort Company managers have inadequate and sub-standard interpersonal communication, which affects the employees’ performance. As suggested by Mcintosh, Luecke, and Davis (2008), the application of interpersonal communication skills is imperative for the departmental supervisors and managers, for the purpose of establishing cooperation and trust in the workplace. Almost every organisation in the contemporary business setup relies on teamwork, and interpersonal communication is the building block of teamwork.  All-Seasons Comfort Textile Company is characterized by inadequate communication between various teams and management…

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