Interpersonal Skills or presentation skills

Part 3


You have been busy over the past two weeks! So far your research into your client’s business strategy and needs assessment analysis has uncovered interesting results. The next step in the training and development process is to develop learning objectives that ensure transfer of training and develop a budget. 

Before we begin developing learning objectives it is important to understand what transfer of training means. Training transfer means that learners are able to transfer the knowledge and skills learned in a training session back to their jobs. The importance of training transfer cannot be overemphasized; organizations spend millions of dollars each year on training, yet only a fraction of that investment results in improved performance, particularly if training transfer is not supported by the employer. Effective training design incorporates learning goals and adult learning principles that enhance successful transfer, ultimately leading to improved individual and organizational performance. (Gusdorf, M.L., 2009). 

If training is to add value to the organization, effective learning objectives must reflect the organization’s strategic focus. From these objectives, specific learning goals are established that define the actions that must take place within the three learning components for learning to be accomplished. Learning objectives give us direction for training content and establish the parameters for how to assess accomplishments. They become the overarching roadmap for the training project (Gusdorf, M.L., 2009). 

Another important element when developing a training program is preparing the budget for leadership approval and tracking. The budget needs to be clear and concise and easily understood by leadership in order for them to buy-in to the training plan program and approve the funding needed to support it. It is also important to track training expenses throughout the year. Use the attached Training Budget template to help you complete this part of the training plan project. See the Noe textbook chapter 6, for helpful information on determining costs. 

Continue reading for your assignment instructions.


  1. Consider the training program you selected last week. (Interpersonal Skills or presentation skills). Write 3-5 learning objectives for your training. Ensure your learning objectives reflect the strategic focus of your organization and each of them encompasses all three training objective components from our textbook. 
    1. Submit this information as a Word or Google doc attachment or as individual comments under Activity to your Trello board by creating a new Card under the Transfer of Training and Budget Development List titled: Learning Objectives. 
    2. Make sure to include all resources utilized for your research, cite your sources.
    Next, prepare a budget for your training program using the Training Budget template. Feel free to add or delete “items” on this template in order to create the budget that fits your training program. 
    I have attached the first 2 parts of the project please follow same organization for this part which is part 3. (Shell Company).  Please read carefully and and complete correctly. 

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