1.      A 3,500-word Essay which critically analyses and evaluates the interviews conducted   2.       A 750 words commentary, which justifies the methodology    

Assessment Guidelines

  1. Arrange to interview 2 older people for about 45 minutes each.  During the interview you should focus on particular themes chosen from the module and explore these with your interviewee.  Well beforehand, you will need to plan the interview and decide what your objectives are. 
  2. This will include constructing an interview schedule (questions) and the process of obtaining informed consent. 
  3. The people you choose to interview may be selected from any setting e.g. the workplace, family, neighbours.  YOU MUST OBTAIN INFORMED CONSENT from each person before commencing and you will be given a consent form for this purpose.  Your work should be written in a manner that preserves the anonymity of the interviewee.  It may also be necessary for you to seek consent from other carers or professionals, e.g. staff in a care home or managers.  Do not include the consent form in your work to protect anonymity and confidentiality but you must clearly state that consent was given and retain the consent forms for the duration of the programme.  
  • You must transcribe each interview verbatim and present the 2 transcripts labelled separately as Appendix 1 and Appendix 2 and secured to the back of your essay.  Please number each page and line of the transcript as you must cross-refer to the material in the main text of your essay.  The interviews are not included in the word count.
  • Using no more than 3,500 words write an essay which analyses your interviews.  Relate this analysis to 3 major themes that relate to experiences of later life covered in the module, you may address other related themes but focus predominantly on the 3 major themes. Discuss some of the issues relating to your interviewees life styles, socioeconomics and other relevant determinants of health.  Ensure you annotate the transcripts to ensure easy referral –

1. Quality of the interview transcripts

2. Integration of theory, policy, research and practice concerning the selected themes; clarity and quality of the discussion

3. Methodology, interviews and use of evidence/research

4. Referencing

NB:  The transcripts (1 & 2) must be included in the first assignment

2.Marking Criteria – 750-word Commentary –

1. Understanding of methods (tools) employed in Interview

2. Rationale for choice of methods

3. Awareness of potential strengths/limitations of chosen methods

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