Kiss Nightclub Fire in Brazil 2013

Research The Kiss Nightclub fire disaster which fire prevention would have altered the situation to a more positive outcome. Evaluate the situation and discuss what processes could have impacted the situation, both positively and negatively. Discuss the fire safety issues and what could have been done to prevent this tragedy

The Kiss Nightclub Fire disaster occurred on 27th January 2013 in Santa Maria Brazil. Many of the guests in the club were university students. Records show that there were over 241 fatalities and over 600 people incurred injuries. The Cause of the fire is postulated to be the use of pyrotechnic in the club that led to fast spreading of the fire, causing carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen cyanide (HCN) poisoning. However, strategic fire prevention measures could have prevented the adverse effects experienced because of the fire. Strick (2014) states that the club had two adjacent buildings on the right and left sides. Views from  the exteriors of the building reveal that there was no existence of  exit routes from the club. The available exit was a dead-end that could not allow escape from the building. Strick (2014) states that the exit had been modified to an entrance with metal barriers that facilitated the slow inflow of people in the club. The nightclub also lacked windows. Newspaper sources do not state if the club was installed with fire alarms and detectors, automatic fire suppression systems or emergency lighting (Strick, 2014).           

The design of the club lacked vital exit points that could provide escape channels in case of a fire. A good design  that includes windows and multiple exit points could have altered the situation to a more positive outcome (Strick, 2014). Newspaper reports state that piles of bodies were found in toilets (Strick, 2014). Suggestions made regarding the observation indicates that the occupants mistook toilet signs for exit signs. For safety reasons, installing emergency lighting that enables one to identify the signs on doors could have helped to direct people to the right direction. Additionally, exits should be well marked to avoid confusion during an emergency. Strick (2014) states that although the club was equipped with fire extinguishers, the number is unknown and the extinguisher used on the night of the fire was not functional. Therefore, ensuring that the fire fighting equipment were operational and located at accessible areas could have helped to manage the fire….

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