Large-Scale Display System

Describe and document one of the above massive scale display systems, including available technical and cost information, design features and limitations. Examples include sports stadium graphics boards, large-scale display for special events or attractions (e.g., the Fremont Street light show in Las Vegas), or the proposed Cloud (for the London 2012 Olympics).

Report your findings in an illustrated article, web page, presentation, or video.

The Mitsubishi Electric’s Diamond Vision is one of the large-scale display systems that offers cutting edge technology for use in indoor and outdoor arenas. The Diamond Vision display is adaptable to various conditions, with a modular design and exceptional picture quality. The system can be used in all lighting conditions, making it effective for use during the day and at night. The display is an LED screen that can be used for outdoor, indoor, advertising, entertainment, and public information activities. The LED screen offers a thrilling and exciting experience in the indoor arena. The screen has been installed in many sports venues such as the Stables Centre in Los Angeles, the Tokyo Dome, Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis and other arenas in Europe. The use of Mitsubishi Electric’s Diamond Vision in outdoor display started in the 1980s (Mitsubishi Electric, 2017)…

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