Leadership and Motivation

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Subject:SIT12DIP002  Leadership and Motivation
Units of competency:SITXHRM402     Lead and manage people SITXMGT401     Monitor work operations SITXMGT502     Manage projects  
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 This form of assessment requires you to demonstrate your ability to research the topic and present information across a range of units. If your project does not fully address the criteria of the task, you cannot achieve competency in any unit which is mapped to the project. For all subjects, unless otherwise specified, the submitted project work must be typed and submitted with the official cover sheet for the subject. Your projects will be assessed in accordance with the criteria prescribed in the subject assessments.Please refer to your ‘Subject Guide’ for further information relating to Managing assessment items and presenting suitable assessment evidence – specifically the ‘General Information’ sectionPlease ensure all documentation, checklists and project tools are submitted as one complete assessment to Trainer
 Individual Project: YESWord Count: 1,700 – 2,200Due Date: Week 9Submit to Trainer – Time (24Hrs):  
Surf Club Café Scenario The primary rationale for the success of the Surf Club Café is the authenticity of the concept, linked as it is to the history of surf lifesaving in Australia, to the beach style culture it represents and to the opportunities provided for merchandising. The café’s central location is in a main street in one of Australia’s top tourist destinations the Gold Coast in Queensland, with high pedestrian traffic. The décor of the café will be consistent with contemporary Australian beach culture, with furnishings created from materials used for making surfboards. The bright beach theme will be used on all graphic images and merchandising materials such as mugs and t-shirts. The business will meet the needs of three primary market segments; loyal locals, domestic tourist and international tourist. On balance, most customers will be transient visitors. The company will provide three main products: light café meals and quality coffee; up to date surf information; and a concierge booking service for surf-related activities. The profit forecast for this business is based on detailed research and industry benchmarks. The proposed business provides a solid basis for expansion to a series of franchise operations. These would be located in major tourist areas around the Australian coastline. To maximise cost effectiveness, base kitchens would be installed in the bigger centres to produce some product items (such as muffins) which would then be distributed to satellite franchise stores.   Company Description The Surf Club Café will operate as a single unit, a medium-size (70 seat) independent café on Marine Parade, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. This street is the main shopping street, directly opposite the main beach of Surfers Paradise. The area is a prime tourist location with countless holiday apartments, hotels, caravan parks and resorts. This is a new start-up company, operating as a proprietary limited company with two directors. The long term aim is to replicate the success of this formula in other seaside tourist locations around Australia. On balance, most customers will be one-off patrons and menu design and display will meet the needs of tourists who speak limited English. Big glossy photographs will be used rather than restaurant style descriptions for the food.             As the owner of this business, you are required to research and produce a report on the following:   Think about the team that you are part of within this workplace. Write a report outlining your team’s structure and analyse its performance. Your report will need to address the following tasks:   Contents   Introduction   Project Tasks: Describe your leadership style and its effectiveness in developing team commitment by answering these questions:How do you act as a positive role model for the team, show your commitment to organisational goals and treat your team members with integrity, respect and empathy? List your team’s goals and objectives, and show how they are consistent with the organisational goals. List the roles and responsibilities of your team members, and explain how you would encourage them to take responsibility for their work. How do you encourage an open and supportive communication within the team, represent team interests and share information with the team? How do you seek feedback from team members, and implement changes based on their input, so long as they are in line with the organisational goals and policies?   Evaluate your ability to manage team performance by addressing these tasks:  How would you communicate and share with your team the vision of the Surf Club Café concept? What do you do to inspire your team to perform? What motivational techniques do you use, including mentoring and coaching, to support your team members? How would you evaluate the skills of your team members for individual development, and monitor their performance for progress towards achieving the team goals?   How would you promote individual development and recognise and reward staff as together you grow the Surf Club Café franchise? In addition, how would you provide recognition and reward for team achievements?   How would you apply delegation principles to efficiently setup the franchises? What could be the barriers to delegating these tasks and how would you overcome them?   Describe and explain your ability to develop and implement a project. Suppose that you wish to determine the feasibility of your business concept within the hospitality and tourism industry in Queensland (in particular the Gold Coast) and its future economic growth. Create a project management plan by addressing the following components: project objectives, budget, scope of activities, deliverables, stakeholders, administrative structure, required resources, priorities, key project milestones, timelines, and roles and responsibilities of project personnel and stakeholders. How is the project related to others and the overall organisational objectives? How will you consult with stakeholders to obtain approval for your project plan? How do you communicate the roles and responsibilities to all involved in the project? Describe a project evaluation method that includes a list of activities and resource specifications (including financial, human and physical) for these activities. Show how you have incorporated risk, regulatory and sustainability issues into the project plan. What approaches will you employ to gain competitive advantages for your business via public relations and marketing? Using the project evaluation method described in (Part 5.3), show how progress and effectiveness in implementation of the project at specific stages will be monitored to ensure that objectives, deliverables, timelines, cost and quality of the project are achieved. Identify possible deviations from the project plan and recommend course of action for project variations (which could include seeking additional project resources). At completion of the project, how will it be evaluated in terms of efficiency, quality and achievement of objectives? How will you report the outcomes of evaluation to stakeholders and use such information for future project planning?   References     NOTE TO STUDENTS:   As a general guideline, the project report should adhere to the following format:   Project title page, student ID and name, date Table of contents Introduction (describing the purpose and scope of the project) Project tasks Conclusion and recommendations (where applicable) References Appendices (include any charts, tables, diagrams and other tools which are essential to the project)   Also please note the following:   This is NOT a group assessment. Each student must completed their own Project.   Please ensure all supporting evidence (printouts, electronic files, etc.) are attached and submitted to your trainer when you submit your Project.   Do NOT just provide lists of bullet points. You must provide explanations using your own words.   Late submission will not be accepted unless the $100 penalty has been paid.   Copying other student’s work and other forms of plagiarism will not be accepted and will result in the student’s assessment being rejected. Plagiarism is viewed very seriously, please read the student rules for the penalties.    

1           Introduction

            Studies show that leadership theories in the modern-day globalized and competitive market are changing to adapt to the current trends. Individuals in the various organizations are working to distinguish their brands from competitors and attract internal and external stakeholders through a unique performance. The success of the leaders is determined by a clear perception and the responsible application of motivational concepts to enhance the performance of the workers. According to Stoffregen (2013), the entrepreneurial behavior that is necessary for a startup business like Surf Club Café is commitment and motivation. The expansion of the company will depend on an entrepreneurial approach to leadership and a motivational strategy that will encourage similar attitudes and behaviors in the workers. Stoffregen (2013) argues that leading people in an entrepreneurial way motivate them to seek opportunities to increase their performance through creative ways, developing and adapting to skills.

2           Project Tasks

2.1         Leadership style and its effectiveness in developing team commitment leaders as positive role model for the team

            Good leadership skills enable the leader to transmit appropriate values that are the core convictions that workers embrace to meet the organizational objectives. Upholding integrity, respect and empathy entail measures that encourage trust and confidence among the workforces (Schyns, 2014). In line with this, a leader must accept the individual differences that exist in the team to allow for tolerance and flexibility in engaging different people at work. It is vital that the head of a team ensures there are mutual benefits to enhance job satisfaction and commitment. Additionally, the leader should tap into the strengths of each person and encourage creativity (Schulz & Hofer, 2008). Fundamentally, the opinions made by the employee should be acknowledged in the decision-making process. Also, developing an environment of trust in the workplace boosts the commitment towards a common goal.

2.2         The team’s goals and objectives, and how they are consistent with the organisational goals

  • To achieve an interactive working environment that allows the sharing of ideas in decision-making
  • To employ research-based approaches in developing the café for the replication of the idea in other seaside tourist locations in Australia

2.3         The roles and responsibilities of team members and how to encourage them to take responsibility for their work

  • Two directors. Provide the necessary infrastructure and resources to run the enterprise
  • Barista. Provide training required to take care of various customer needs
  • Waiter. Ensure that they work in shifts and have adequate time for taking breaks
  • Busser. Offer training that provides insights on hygiene and health
  • Cook. Allow the diversification of products to motivate them through their creativity.

2.4         Encouraging an open and supportive communication within the team, represent team interests and share information with the team

Encouraging an open and supportive communication entails the following approaches (Fook & Gardner, 2007)…

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