Leadership Studies

Reflection A

Video 1: National Governors Association 2020 Winter Meeting.

After watching this video, I have learned that the governors association is committed to enforcing legislation and policies to rebuild the American infrastructure through innovation and incorporation of all relevant sectors to drive economic and social change.  Governors across the 54 states are working together to innovate solutions to combat serious issues facing the states such as poor road networks, nursing shortage.  Throughout the  session, it is evident that the governors association is working to improve the infrastructural environment in a modernized and innovative way to reduce climate change, economic stagnation, and health crisis (National Governors Association, 2020).  The association is closely working with the private sector to mess resources, ideas to bring about exponential infrastructure growth. I have also learned about the untapped potential of using long-term investments such as insurance and pension money to facilitate infrastructural growth.

From now onwards, I will make a point of reading the financial, budgetary allocation for state-funded infrastructure projects in nursing and other sectors to understand their relevance to the populace. I plan to familiarize myself with emerging technologies in the infrastructure space and how they can be incorporated in our daily lives. I will also appeal to the public to participate in pilot surveys and follow the debate on the environmental impact of infrastructure

The question I have is how the governor’s association ensuring equal distribution of resources and funds needed for Infrastructure across the 54 states. Most of the private sectors focus on the accessibility of the products to their consumers rather inclusivity of the entire populace…..

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