Linux Discussion Topics Help

This is for two discussion topic responses. The requirements are as follows:

*No plagiarism

*Complete and coherent response to each discussion topic, fully addressing the discussion topic or question. Demonstrates understanding of concepts.

*200 words for *each* response.

*References: Includes at least one trustworthy and scholarly resource in *each* response and uses correct APA formatting for the citation and reference.

Topic 1: Three file-viewing commands (head, tail, and less) are used to display a portion of a file.  These are especially useful when you have a very large text file you want to view and you want to narrow you display of it. 

Provide me one or more command syntax examples using each of the three file-viewing commands. You must provide me using at least one command option (ex. with head command you can specify the number of lines to display using “-n num” option). 

Topic 2: What are some reasons why bash is considered a defacto standard shell on Linux distributions? 

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