Managing Team and Individual Performance

Task 1

A.C. 1.1. For a corporation to attain its objectives, it is important for both the person and the team goals to connect as they would then have a common goal. Some factors need to be looked into before coming up with a standard agreement on the objectives of the organization. First, the team needs to look at the opportunities for change that are available for it at present and in the future. With this, the organization can set time-conscious and realistic flexible goals. It helps the team to analyze what they have now and what they would acquire with the available opportunities. For example, in the marketing department of a clothing company, the objectives set would put into consideration the current population of their consumers and the future expectation on the population. The skill of the workers is another factor that needs to be looked into when setting the objectives. It helps in looking into their capability levels and the quality and quantity of their production. An organization can test itself, set reasonable and achievable objectives which are in line with individual and team goals.

Individual, team and overall organization objectives need to be in line with each other to achieve the general purposes of a company. The goals of a person affect the aims of the team which is reflected on intentions of the organization. The apparent complexity of an employee’s behavior is replicate in the work environment. For the objectives and goals of an organization to be accomplished, it must be in line with the aims of the team.

A.C. 1.2. Organizations aim to select individual and team objectives for contracts to be made. The current performance of the workers is one of the major things that are looked into for agreements to be made. Managers need also look at the skills, behavior and attitudes, team targets and team objectives. When the individual and team goals align with that of the organization, then the manager can enter into work agreements with them…

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