Mark Knapp’s Model of Relational Development

To demonstrate an understanding of Mark Knapp’s model of relational development.

Choose a film. In 3 – 5 pages, apply Mark Knapp’s model of communication to the film. Do not tell me the story of the film and do not evaluate the film; instead explain how the relationships in the film develop.
” about a american movie not to old “

In 1978, Mark Knapp introduced the relational development model under the principle of social awareness concept (West and Tunner 350). In particular, he considered the policy of associations and defined ten stages to outline it. In this case, the ten stages of communication can help us realize how relationships come together and fall apart for those that do. There are various classes of association in relationships: romantic, family, and friendship relationship. Though this model remains practical most often to romantic interactions, most cases follow a similar outline that adapts a particular context. In romantic relationship, couples tend to care for each other but can also lack personal connection. In this case, when they lack adequate communication for a period, this can result in separation. The film I Give it a Year validates how mutual relation remains substantial in any relationship. The movie features Josh and Nat, a couple who first have an intense love for each other, but later have their affection hit a solid rock when temptation and incompatibility put their connection at risk. Moreover, their association is devoted and compassionate in the early phases up until it comes to a point where they terminate their relation due to disagreement.

In the Mark Knapp model, friendly affairs advance through numerous steps that are essential for communication (Griffins and Borne 127). In the first phase, the initiating period, couples mainly meet and assess each other’s appeal and availability. At this point, people present themselves as thrilling and pleasing. In the movie I Give it a Year, Nat and Josh met and fell in love at first sight. Initially, on their first date, they greet one another and evaluate each other’s look. The couple spend their time discussing their future goals and what they like and do not like. Apparently, they both are devoted to looking fabulous and want to impress each other. The second level in Mark Knapp model the experimenting phase: individuals exchange information and frequently they move from strangers to associates…

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