Market Analysis for Greenband Motors

Greenband Motors is an automobile company that specializes in the manufacture, distribution, and sale of passenger and utility vehicles for the common market. The company manufactures a range of energy-related gadgets including automotive parts, electric generators and a host of domestic electrical appliances like air conditioners and iron boxes. The company was established in 1950 and specializes in energy conservation machinery under the theme of “vehicles for tomorrow.” In this regard, Greenband vehicle designs cars with enhanced technology for minimal consumption of energy. Although the company deals with conventional cars that use fossil fuels, the engineering technology used in the vehicles is designed in a way to minimize both the consumption of energy and the emissions to the environment. Nevertheless, the company introduced a segment for the manufacture of cars that use electric energy to minimize the effect on the environment through exhaust emissions in 2000. The company is steadily gaining entry into the electric energy segment for the manufacture of cars. In addition, the company has also introduced the development of alternative energy sources, including the development of solar energy options, especially for domestic use.

Market Segmentation

Greenband vehicles specialize in the manufacture of motor options for the ordinary market and in this regard, the company’s vehicles are targeted towards the middle to low-income groups, the leading signature brand of the company’s motor vehicles are the five sitter saloon cars that accommodate average families. The vehicles are designed both for comfort and affordability. The majority of middle to small income groups demands vehicles that provide them with convenience at affordable rates. In this regard, the company seeks to respond to this need by developing vehicles that facilitate the movement of families from one point to another. Nevertheless, Greenband Motors have been receiving inquiries for luxury vehicles for the upper middle class and has responded by designing energy-conserving sports utility vehicles (SUVs) in the electric vehicle section. The upper middle class is less price conscious and desire vehicles with extra comfort with a variety of customized features. In this regard, Greenband Motors supplies a variety of customized vehicles to this category of users without compromising the energy conservation goal of the company…

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