Marketing plan for Singtel

  2. Company Analysis

Singapore Telecommunications Limited is the leading communication company in Asia. It has a wide customer base and has a variety in the products and services it produces. SingTel, formerly known as Private Telephone Exchange, began in 1879. It is a public company and a subsidiary to Temasek Holdings. In addition, its largest stakeholder is the Singapore government. It has several branches namely in Singapore, Thailand, India, Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. SingTel’s chairperson, Simon Israel and Chua Sock Koong, who is the Group CEO work hand in hand to ensure that customers get products that are of high standard and that sales are increasing every year. In 2015, the revenue of SingTel was $17,223 billion, and the company aims to increase that amount by the end of the year 2016. The total number of employees is only 23,000 (Lan and Unhelkar). For SingTel to increase the sales, it needs to improve on the marketing strategy and the number of employees to increase productivity of the firm. Organizational behaviour and culture are commendable. However, it requires further training and orientation of the employees.

The company prides itself in the production of high-quality goods and services, and its growing customer base is proof of that. It strengths include a strong positioning in the market in comparison to its competitors such as Star Hub. Its accurate and timely launches and upgrades of the products and services it provides is also a great booster for SingTel. Its strength also lies in a large number of employees it has globally who work together to make the goals of SingTel a reality. However, its weaknesses include the strong competition it faces which results in a lessened market share (Lan and Unhelkar). The erratic price strategies also have an influence on the marketing strategies. The company’s goal is to provide quality services and products to the customers and to ensure that it is accessible and affordable.

Telecommunications is increasing globally, and it is due to the advancement of technology. As such, SingTel can use it as an opportunity to expand its branches to more countries other than in Asia. There is extensive potential for investors and market, especially in the third world countries. Other opportunities include the expanding 3G market across the regions in which it operates. In essence, it means that internet services are bound to improve and, hence, more customers and profit for SingTel (Mariutti, Giraldi and Costa).

  • Business Model

The above business model applies to the SingTel Company. Operations, Strategy, Knowledge Management, and Structure are interdependent and essential for the success of the company. A business model such as the one illustrated above can identify problems in functional areas. Failure comes in when a component of the organization is not in its rightful position, for instance, not considering the operational competitive priorities. It can lead to confusion, which is detrimental to the company (Harpin)….

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