Martha Graham

Martha graham is considered as one of the best dancer of the 20th century. She was also considered too one of the pioneers of modern dance.  She was born in May 11, 1894 in Allegheny, in Pennsylvania. (Allegany is the current Pittsburgh). As a child Martha Graham was influenced by her father who was a doctor by then and used physical movements as a remedy for the nervous disorder. In 1910s the family moved to the city of California at that point in time Martha was 17 years old, the teenage girl so Ruth St. Denis performance and she was quite thrilled. After the show Martha Graham talked the parents to let her dance. But the parents were staunch Presbyterians and denied her a chance.

Martha Graham still had the passion and the dream of dancing, after her father died Martha Grahams enrolled to the school of dance in Denishawn in Los Angeles which was founded by her husband Ted Shawn. Graham became an instructor at the facility where she spent more than 8 years. Martha Graham then left in 1923 to take up a newer job in Greenwich. She didn’t do this particular job for a longer time, just after a period of two years she left Follies with an intention of broadening her career. She took up a teaching job in the Eastman Music School and also the Rochester in New York City. Later on in 1926 Martha Graham established her own dancing company, Martha Graham’s Dance Company. The styles of dancing she introduced at the facility were quite similar for those of her previous teacher.  She soon discovered her stylistic voice on which she started conducting experiments about it. Martha Graham contributions to the dance industry are inevitable, she was ever bold, and she illustrated her dance vision through violent, spastic and jarring movements.  She believed that through her physical movements, gave her an emotional and spiritual undercurrents that other artists had failed to capture in their performances. A musical Louis Horst joined Martha Graham at the company as a musical director and stayed for a long period of time. Some of the Martha Graham famous and great work included the “Seraphic Dialogue”, “Frontier,”  “Lamentation,” and “Appalachian Spring.” All these moves were based on the principle of relaxation and tension, but Martha Graham termed them as release and contraction. Despite the critic’s view that dances were ugly, Martha Graham still held on and became one of the most respected dancers in the universe. She is also considered to be one of the greatest contributor to the American dance and also a milestone in the American cultural history. Her contribution the world today can just be seen as her movements are currently taught by so many dancing institutions across the globe…

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