Measuring Carbon Footprints Reader Response

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Measuring Carbon Footprints


Do these two surveys: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

Then write responses to the following:

  • What information from the surveys do you find the most powerful?
  • What rhetorical appeals do you think gives these surveys strength?
  • How might these surveys help you develop ideas for Paper 2?

When answering these, think about using full paragraphs, and quoting passages that help support your explanations. I know they’re not essays with clear single writers, but make no mistake: there is writing involved, perspectives, and lines of reasoning, though it’s a nontraditional text. Do the best you can.

The Reader Response will be graded by a simple rubric you can see here, and must be done by the time we review the piece in class. Consider how you might use the Reader Responses to advance your work on the papers we’re working on.

This is in a Discussion forum, and other can respond to what you write, but having the exchange of ideas in here is not required.

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