Media Consumption

Apply the concepts that we discuss in class to an analysis of your own behavior. What media are you consuming? Why? What effect does it have upon you? What gratifications are you seeking from it? What did you notice about the construction of media messages? How did the media creator’s choices relate to the pleasure you derived from consuming it? What ideological elements & lessons were present? Etc.

The modern eras of culture have transformed much since two decades ago. From the way we absorb information and connect to the new forms of advertising, so much has changed. Twenty years ago, communication was limited to mailing, emailing, and single manuscript through a very slow internet connection. Currently, there are endless techniques to consume messages and informational content. On a daily basis, people spend time online on different media to acquire information.

There are various ways to absorb content; personally, I use about five each day alone, the most prominent being Facebook. It was not present two decades ago, yet today it remains as the leading social media source in the world and the highest cyberspace site. Facebook has changed how we keep in touch today. It unites more people than any other network. Facebook has affected me significantly. In particular, it gave me the platform to connect with acquaintances by posting photographs, opinions, and sharing my desired videos…

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