The clash of “machine cognition” and “human cognition” in 

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1. Machine cognition is an extension of human cognition

2. Direction for the future, man-machine integration?

3. mention AI Art (

In the continuous learning of a person’s life, when the cognitive ability of the brain reaches a certain level, one can draw inferences about it. Information can be transformed into different dimensions, and the results of the transformation can be applied to other dimensions to generate new information and new ideas. 

When a machine has a certain degree of cognitive intelligence, can it recreate existing information? At present, we can say “Yes” with certainty. The cognitive system simulates human thinking in the process of training, and through continuous learning, it gains ever-increasing intelligence, gradually approaching the cognitive abilities possessed by humans. 

Human cognition uses biological and natural means-brain and mind-to achieve, while machine cognition regards cognition as a kind of calculation and uses cognitive computing technology to achieve it. This essay would explore the possibilities and current events of the clash between machine cognition and human cognition.

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