Memo: Leadership

Students will write a memo addressed to their organization’s leadership (e.g., supervisor or manager) or their own subordinates (depending on your position in organization) on how data can/should be used in their organization to make better strategic decisions.  Students should pay attention to the details in the table below for how this memo will be graded.  There are 20 points possible and this assignment is 20% of course grade.

Name:  ,My memo will be wright to counseling deportment at San Diego Mesa College to address the problems that why the number of student that visiting this deportment is been redoes from past  .

My role in this department is student assistant service (SSA) and I am writing the memo to deportment chair and dene of student service base on the data I gather we have some reduction to number of student we give service here daily, my data is based on past 4 years   I did add my data to this fill we also have more counselor than past 4 years know in pasty we had 18 counselor and now we have 22 full time and 6 port time in average in 2014we saw 206 student per day  and in 2017 we saw 97 per day.

Our budget is coming from the number of the long term planning we do so we need to serve all the student and Mach sure all student meet with counseling  and due to the high demand that we have in this office we set some roll so sure the student to wright direction. The roll is as follow

  1. Student must be in rolled at least one class for the current semester.
  2. Completed one semester.
  3. Completed the math and English assessment or an English and math class.
  4. Official transcripts of all colleges attended must be on file and be evaluated for course equivalency.
  5. Problem and solution we need address in this memo.
  6. first  factor in past that we was busy because we was the only deportment we had counselor in camps and now we have consoling in star , transfer center, and career center and EOPES .
  7. 2. We did not have enough staff and counselor evaluable in this deportment than today we have 8 staff and 28 counselors every day.
  8. We do did not have so much information online so student can have access to it know we offer online consoling and also we do have so much information online that all student can have access to it so they don’t have to coming see counselor
  9. Another factor is we did not have registration workshops in past bout we do have 2 workshops per day know that serve 10 students in each workshops.
  10. We did not have so much online classes that we do have today each semester the online curses get increases ,and student will radar to be on online classes verse on camps that give them more freedom with their schedule
  11. And last but not less the new generation is more up to date and they more using technology than old days…

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