Men and Women in Today’s American Society

Compare and contrast men and women in today’s American society. You may include, but are not limited to, the need for equality among men and women, differences in body image, differences in mate selection, differences in views and attitudes toward sexuality, and stereotypes. Read the essays, “Sex, Lies and Conversation”, “I Want a Wife”, “The Wife-Beater”, Why Marriage is Good for You” Helpful hint: Pose questions and comments in your Team Forum that frame the gender issue. Suggest traits or characteristics that may be valuable to compare/contrast. Encourage your teammates to express their views.

Over the years, there have been tremendous changes in the way women and men view different life aspects. The roles of women and men have significantly transformed with men doing things that were originally done by women and vice versa. Also, unlike in the past, women are now more vocal concerning particular issues. The various movements advocating for gender equality have been considerable in bringing the changes. This paper compares and contrasts the women and men in the current American Society.

The need to have women and men as equals has been growing over the years. Both American men and women are supportive of the necessity to realize some fairness. However, men are of the opinion that there are cases that both genders cannot be equal. They argue that there is a difference in sensitivity, thinking, and the physical strength (Ratele, 2014). On the other hand, women want to be treated in the same capacity as men. In today’s society, women advocate for sharing responsibilities at home, having equal opportunities at work and career wise….

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