Men Should Be Allowed to Have More Than One Wife

Polygyny refers to a custom that allows a man to have more than one wife. Despite the concerns that it disregards a woman’s rights and causes serious emotional and financial consequences, the practice has social, health, and economic advantages. Therefore, men should be allowed to have more than one wife because the practice will eradicate cases of adultery, balance the unequal male to female ratio, and ensure improved economic positions of such families.          

Some of the major reasons for the rampant cases of adultery include falling in love with another person, discontent in marriage, and sexual dissatisfaction. Once a combination of these factors is involved in a relationship, divorce is inevitable. However, in a polygynous arrangement, such issues cannot be allowed to destroy an otherwise successful marriage. Rather, the union can be expanded to include other partners and avoid the emotional and monetary impacts of divorce while also providing time to solve the contentious issues. Besides, a woman is not compelled to sexually satisfy her husband to keep him faithful since there are other permitted options within the marriage.

Allowing men to have more than one wife ensures economic stability in the family since both the man and his wives earn something for the household. The combined income enables the families to access quality health care, education, food, and shelter. Various countries’ statistics show that males are more likely to end up in prison or die in violent confrontations than females. Consequently, at the age of marriage, most world societies report that there are more women than men in their census data. Accordingly, permitting men to have more than one wife increases the chances of siring more offspring – probably males – to enforce an equilibrium in this demographic disparity.    

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