Mid Term Questions

Mid Term Questions

Question One

A protocol is a set of procedures that must be followed by two or more parties to achieve a particular goal (Schneier, 1996). In order for parties to accomplish the common task, there must be an established agreement on how the task will be completed and how each side will contribute towards the completion of this task. There are four levels of protocols that will be discussed in details in the following paragraphs. 

Levels of Protocols and Cryptography

Cryptography is a technique of protecting communication and information using codes that can only be interpreted by the individuals whom the information is intended for (Schneier, 1996). The technique is derived through mathematical concepts as well as a set of rule-based calculations referred to as algorithms. Algorithms are used to generate keys and digital signatures as well as verification to ensure data privacy is protected, people browse securely on the internet, and the existence of confidential communications, including email and credit card transactions. To summarize, cryptography allows transmission of information in a way that it cannot be deciphered. It is done in four different levels depending on the type of security and privacy required (Schneier, 1996).  At the very lowest level, there are algorithms called public key or asymmetric-key encryption that uses a pair of keys, one key belongs to the…

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