Mini Writing Assignment Survival Of The Fittest 1

CBS has decided to take Survivor to the teens. Twenty 16-to-18-year-olds will be selected based on what they know about survival.  To win a spot as a castaway, you need to compose a careful examination of one skill you will need to survive in an environment with no food, water, or shelter. To win:

  1. Select and research a specific survival activity (for example, how to build a fire in extreme cold, how to catch fish without equipment).
  2. Plan a well-organized procedural (step-by-step) document that explains the steps in detail. 
  3. 5 Paragraphs minimum (Introduction, 3 Main Steps, Conclusion).
  4. Add diagrams, illustrations, or photographs to enhance your document. 
  5. List your research sources using MLA format.

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