Mobile Marketing in ABC Holiday Park


At the core of the success of an organization within its industry are the marketing strategies of the organization (AMS & Kubacki 2014). Organizational marketing refers to the process through which the products and services of a firm are introduced and promoted to the potential customers (Plangger 2016). By making their products and services known to the existing and potential consumers, firms can penetrate larger and more diverse market bases. In fact, many aspects of an enterprise depend on the marketing strategies of the organization. The main marketing strategies that are applied in many organizations across the globe are advertising, sales and promotions, and public relations.

Apart from the marketing strategies of the organization, factors within the organization are also likely to impact either negatively or positively on organizations. The productivity of an organization and its overall performance can be affected by its pay system which directly affects the number of people that work in the firm (ARMA 2015). The aim of this paper is to find solutions for a holiday park in the United Kingdom with the capacity of paying its staff at the national minimum wages. The paper gives the use of mobile marketing as a solution to the current lack of clients and poor payment of employees in the park.

Case Study

Situated in London, ABC Holiday Park is one of the renowned holiday parks in the United Kingdom. The park offers a wide range of services to its customers. These services include live entertainment, adult only breaks, catering services as well as accommodation services. The target population of the organization are the young and energetic people and families within the United Kingdom who love to have fun. ABC Holiday Park faces stiff competition from the other parks such as Pontins, Sand Bay and Pakefield holiday parks. In recent years, the park has been struck by a decline in the number of staff as well as the number of clients visiting, thus the need for a quick solution to curb the situation.

Effects of Wages on Employee Productivity             According to Wolfers (2015), many economists argue that the labor compensation of the employees in any organization is directly linked to its productivity. The author seconds the arguments of Alfred Marshall, the founder of modern economics who wrote, “with all the other things in place, alterations in the distribution of wealth in a manner that gives more to the wage receivers and less to the capitalists is likely to result in the increased material production” (Bersin 2013)…

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