Moral and Ethical

You will be providing an integrative writing project that functions to summarize your emerging philosophy of business through a synthesis of the most important-to-you ideas in the class. Areas to address include but are not limited to: a biblical basis for business, the role of business in society, the role of ethics and morality in business, implications of worldview issues, relationships and responsibilities within business, the future of business in a globalized world, etc.


Ethics refers to a collection of moral principles which a particular group, organization or individual subscribes to. They are the vital principles and basic concepts of decent human behaviour.  On the other hand, morals are apprehensive with the principles of goodness or badness, right or wrong. They both guide the business network in shaping its relationships and concepts. The essay highlights the role of business in the society, the worldviews, and the biblical business basis. It further classifies the ethical relationships in businesses and organizations, and further clarifies the future that business holds in a globalized world.

Biblical basis for business

Since a human being is under God, in the likeliness and image, he has constrained dominion over nature. Hence, human being are mindful to co-labour with Christ in order to convey all creatures under the statute of God that His willpower may be accomplished, on universe as in heaven. The order to quell the earth was a piece of God’s procurement for man in the creation. Furthermore, it was completely attested in Jesus Christ’s successful Death and Resurrection, by which His everlasting, triumphant rule is set up (Burton, Rundle, Guilbault, & Whiting, 2012).

In the domain of business and exchange, the order to stifle the earth is completed by Christians’ serving humanity in profitable accomplishments. Thus, the Christians are able to set up the rule of God in their ranges of stewardship (Burton, Rundle, Guilbault, & Whiting, 2012). Men are to utilize their God-granted inventive capacities and vitalities to worship God by helping a fellow human being and keeping an eye on to success, control, and efficient utilization of the earth. The responsibility of Christian business individuals is remarkable, expansive, and unique. They interface with a noteworthy portion of the grown-up populace; they are instrumental in the era and conveyance of riches. Besides, they apply huge impact over open strategy; and, they give validity to huge numbers of the immense topics of Scripture.

The Christians practicing business, as they accomplish God’s domain order, subscribe to perpetual models for individual performance. They are obliged to perform their obligations, regardless of how unimportant it is unto the Lord. While profitable yield might shift as indicated by the gifts and capacities of each individual, everyone, working with this standard, will create genuine magnificence. Thereby, they will be able to expand and extend the territory of God’s Kingdom around the world….

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