Using your present or past place of employment, discuss your approach to management or leadership in light of Douglas McGregor’s Theory X, and Theory Y. After doing so, analyze your approach as it relates to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory. Based on these theories, do you feel that your approach to management or leadership is effective? How do you know? Also, where might you improve? Be thoroughly candid and fully explain.

McGregor’s X-Y Theory offers a simple approach to understanding the rules of managing people in everyday business. Working as the head of a nursing team shows that my leadership style can be based on theory Y. In this context, I participate in the direct management of the people by being part of the tasks and undertakings in the workplace. The theory is evident in the way I engage in work. According to McGregor, leaders in theory Y produce better performance and results and facilitates people to grow and develop in comparison to Theory X leaders (Mohamed & Nor, 2013).  Subsequently, the team members engage in self-control and self-direction in focus on their goals without external impact or the threat of being punished. The increased engagement of the team to achieve their objectives is met by offering rewards to people who perform appropriately. Good communication strategies allowed nurses to accept responsibility. Additionally, encouraging workers to be creative promoted the ingenuity and innovativeness of the workforce, which is fundamental to problem-solving.

The Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs offers a process of psychological motivation that suggests that people aim to meet the basic needs, and success on one level creates a desire for higher needs in the pyramid (Kaur, 2013). In this context, employing the Theory Y approach to leadership offers an opportunity to engage a transformative leadership approach that facilitates the development of workers, while at the same time they are rewarded through career development, financial compensation, training, and other motivational strategies.

Based on the two theories, I feel that my approach to leadership is efficient and appropriate for organizational success. I can tell this through the changes experienced in the organization such as increased employee productivity and organizational performance. Areas of improvement are probably enhancing effective management of organizational resource to limit the interference by the workforce that might jeopardize performance.


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