Movie Review: Elizabeth, 1998.

Review the 1998 movie “Elizabeth” and
write a paper highlighting the following:

1.What is the leadership issue, dilemma, struggle, point of view, etc?
2.How is the issue managed and resolved? How do you feel about the handling of this issue?

Elizabeth, a British biographical movie directed by Shekar Kapur (Kapur, 1998). The plot of the film sets on a sour relationship between Queen Mary and her half-sister. Following the demise of the queen, Elizabeth is destined to take over a divided, threatened, financially struggling and rebellious society of England. Amidst the ethical dilemma, personal discovery and political uncertainties, Elizabeth is faced with tough choices to make. It is through the numerous hurdles that the new queen forges policy and personal approaches that will unite the people and serve the ultimate goodness. This review looks into the leadership issues, dilemma and conflicting resolutions as developed in the plot of the movie Elizabeth.

Leadership Issue The primary issue of concern in the film is the power of politics. From her background, Elizabeth did not anticipate to head the throne at any point of her life. Best described as an amateur, Elizabeth struggles to find her way among uncertainties and a questionable background. As it was the tradition in England, a male heir was to inherit the throne…

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