Mubarak’s the Great of Kuwait Diplomacy with British 1900-1915

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2 sources from the following books:

– The modern history of kuwait by Abu Hakima
– Mubarak Al Sabah (founder of modern kuwait) 1896-1915 author B.J Slot

and 2 academic sources your choice


Sheikh Mubarak bin Sabah Al-Sabah, the great, was the seventh monarch of Kuwait between 1896 and 1915. He rose to power after he had killed his half-brother, Al-Sabah Muhammad. Mubarak signed an Anglo-Kuwait accord with Great Britain in 1899 after he pledged himself and successors not to attain foreign agents to sell territory or cede without approval from the British administration (Abu-Hakima 45). With this treaty and guarantee, it represented Al-Sabah family and Kuwait, and he was regarded as the forefather of modern-day Kuwait.

Mubarak and the Interior The current rivalries in Najd were because of hostilities between House of Rashid and Saud. The rivalry had a fall out when Mubarak came into power and also because of Anglo-Ottoman relations. Therefore, Mubarak was self-assured to hamper in Central Arabia because of the alliance he had with the British. His position to Rashid Ibn increased since the latter’s intimacy with Mubarak’s primary adversaries, Yusuf Ibrahim, and his nephews. As a result, the British made Mubarak be cautious in 1900 lest the Turks must attain a pretext for interference in Kuwait matters for his participation in Central Arabia. Despite this, in 1901 severe fighting took place as the Kuwaitis suffered an unadorned setback. Therefore, in this ambiance chance was accessible for British intervention because they had an upper hand in understanding the situation, and hence could deal with it as expected…

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