Navigating a Crisis

 Assignment 2:

 Navigating a Crisis Due Week 6, Sunday (Weight: 25%)

As a leader, you will face multiple crises. While you will easily weather many bad situations, there will be some that will seriously threaten your company and your reputation. How you respond to crises will determine your fate. You must use all appropriate communication tools to emerge victorious. In your course materials, Jack lists five principles for managing a crisis:

1. Assume the worst.

2. There are no secrets.

3. Your crisis management will not be portrayed favorably.

4. Your organization will undergo changes.

5. Your organization will come out of the crisis stronger. Additionally, Warren Buffett reminds us of four simple steps: 1. Get it right.

2. Get it fast.

3. Get it out.

4. Get it over.

For this assignment, you will apply key concepts from your materials – especially from Jack and Warren – to respond to a predicament in two ways. First, you will write a brief analysis of a company that recently underwent a crisis. You will discuss what crisis the company faced, how the company responded, and whether the company’s response was successful. Second, you will then write an internal memo from the perspective of a leader within that company. This memo will be addressed to your team members, and it will communicate information about the crisis and your response 

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