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Business case overview

Your organization needs to replace 22 physical servers and your CIO would like to implement a cloud strategy. You have been assigned the project. To initiate the project, you will have to create a business case for the cloud strategy. The business case will be presented to the CEO of the organization.

One of the major deliverables for this course is a business case for a cloud solution. Use the Google Apps for Education example and the business case example on page 464 in your textbook to create the business case. Please check the attached textbook 464 Page of business case and attached Business case example for Google Apps for Education

Required Text Book

Cloud Computing: Concepts, Technology & Architecture by Thomas Erl, Ricardo Puttini, Zaigham Mahmood, Prentice Hall, ISBN: 9780133387520.

Recommended Reading:

  • Yeluri, Raghu., & Castro-Leon, Enrique. Building the Infrastructure for Cloud Security Gendron Michael. Business Intelligence and the Cloud
  • Chandrasekaran, K. Essentials of Cloud Computing
  • Newcombe, Lee. Securing Cloud Services, A pragmatic approach to security

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