no word count HRM failure article

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Note: Do not use a scholarly or popular article that discusses how to improve an HR function but rather find a news story that allows you to identify and recommend improvement. For example, an article from HR Magazine or CareerBuilder that discusses how to reduce turnover would not be appropriate. Instead, a news story about Lyft’s high turnover last quarter is a better choice because it requires you to be the examiner and analyst. Required Elements Discuss:

Some suggestions include Newsweek, The Economist, Buzzfeed, CNN, Time, NPR, Fox News, NBC, The New York Times, Business Insider, etc

1. the gap between what actually happened and the expected HRM principle or best practice.

2. the contributing factors and/or reasons you think the situation occurred.

3. the steps you would take to prevent this occurring in the future.

    • Provide specific link to exact article being used
    • Avoid writing in first person
    • Indented paragraph for each bullet point above

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