Nursing Research

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For this assignment, post your thoughts in well written paragraphics (minimum 250 words). Posts should be at least 250 words and written following the guidelines of APA (citations, references, and third person). All posts must be completed in the time-frame given for grading. Remember this is a Writing intensive course. Your style, formatting, grammar and paper mechanics are very important. All posts are to be written using well-developed paragraphs. You are expected to write in 3rd person, using proper APA citations and references and avoiding the use of direct quotes. A minimum of three (3) references are required for this assignment.

After reading this, please respond to all of these questions in this discussion board. Check the syllabus for grading information.

1. Dr. Kligman conducted experiments on humans who were in prison. Discuss in detail one of the ethical principles from the textbook relevant to this situation.

2. This is a one-sided, biased story of abuse, moral indifference and greed. There is always the other side. As a nurse who understands the parts of a research study and the related research ethics, what further information would you like to know to make an impartial and fair-minded decision about this ethical situation?

3. When conducting research on human subjects, there are always risks and benefits. Can you imagine a time in which yourself or a family member might choose to take part in an experimental treatment for which the risks/benefits are not known? Put yourself into that person’s shoes and describe your feelings in one paragraph

4. In your opinion, should prisoners now be allowed to become research subjects while in prison? A) Why, and B) why not? (Be sure to fully discuss both aspects.)

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