Organizational Behavior

For this assignment, you will review the attached article, and write a review of the article relating to the organizational behavior. Be sure to address each of the following points in your article review.

1) Identify the premise of the article and supporting points.
2) How does the author describe organizational behavior?
3) Why is organizational behavior important?
4) Which business concepts covered in this course were you able to identify?

You are required to use at least one scholarly source. All in-text citations and references must be formatted according to
APA guidelines.

In the twenty-first century, time has become a rare commodity, with both employees and organizations stating that there is not enough time to perform a certain task. However, the study was able to break down time management and flexible work arrangement into its base constituents. They included planning, mechanical management, and organizing, all of which give both employees and organizations the perception of control over time (Azar, 2017, p. 2). The researcher argued that with proper planning (identification of goals) it was possible to have a better perception of control of time. Nonetheless, the researchers also stated that setting short term goals had better results on perception time control compared to long term goals. This conclusion resulted from the fact that short term goals are achieved within a short time, thereby increasing job satisfaction for employees (Azar, 2017, p. 3). When it comes to mechanics, this refers to the use of “to-do lists”, which act as a guide for the organisation or employee. It programs employees to know what is expected by a specific period. This means that mechanics alters the behaviour of organizations or employees, so as to give them the illusion of control of time when they complete tasks on or before the set target time. Finally, according to research, it was discovered that having an organized workspace enhanced time management behaviour, whereby each activity such as researching for a report could be completed in time, if all the sources were arranged properly on the desk (Azar, 2017, p. 3). All things considered, the perception of control of time is dependent on these three factors as they are all responsible for controlling time allocation and appropriation. If properly conducted, it reduces the probabilities of job dissatisfaction and turnover intentions…

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