Organizational Management Approach Analysis

Many of the approaches to management and/or managerial theories are based on historical approaches to management and/or historical managerial theories. Base on the articles, analyze the approach to management your organization takes. In your analysis identify how this approach is both different and similar to at least one historical approach. Assess how effective (or ineffective) you believe this approach is.

Follow APA format. Include a title page and reference page. Use outside academic sources other. Please include 3 sources. 2 from the readings and 1 from outsides sources

Analysis of the Approach to Management that My Organization Takes

Different organizations and firms resort to various unique management techniques, which best suits it. An organization is any system that comprises of a group of people who converge to attain specific goals and objectives. Organizational management, on the other hand, refers to the process by which the organization leads, plans, and controls its finances to assist in achieving those objectives (Cole, 2004). The essay highlights the management approach used in my organization and discusses its similarity and difference from a particular historical management theory. Finally, the paper will assess the effectiveness of the company’s management approach.

The main approach to management that my organization undertakes is an employee-oriented management. It is characterized by consistency and focuses on the interaction between the managers and the workers. In this approach, the success of the organization depends on the success and happiness of the worker or employee. As such, the manager focuses on directing and leading the people in the firm (Kulesza, Weaver, & Friedman, 2011). Case in point, the employee-oriented management approach incorporates the democratic style of leadership to interact with the employees and other workers of the organization. Here, it allows for the exchange of ideas and identification of the problem facing the workers. It promotes trust, especially with the managers of the company.

The production sector of the company utilizes the autocratic type of management, where the primary focus is on maximizing input and maintaining a professional relationship. However, this appropriate management cannot apply to all other sectors of the company since there is the belief that this type of authoritarian management could deteriorate the output by the workers (Mintzberg, 2013). The employee-oriented management method also employs the laissez fair technique, especially among the workers who are more experienced in their responsibilities. It assures the workers that the company has faith in them; thus motivating them to prove their best. The manager also believes in promoting teamwork among the employees. It is possible through proper training, and it is measurable regarding quality, returns, and utilization. It is also vital to note that the employee-oriented management approach has four additional functions…..

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